High value carbon nanotubes production from catalytic thermal chemical conversion of waste plastics

讲座名称: High value carbon nanotubes production from catalytic thermal chemical conversion of waste plastics
讲座时间 2018-04-15
讲座地点 能动学院北二楼1402
讲座人 吴春飞


讲座题目:High value carbon nanotubes production from catalytic thermal chemical conversion of waste plastics
讲座时间: 2018-04-15(周一)上午10点
讲座地点: 能动学院北二楼1402
讲座人:Chunfei Wu(吴春飞)
There are many waste plastics generated each year in the world. The recovery of waste plastic is an important topic to improve the efficiency of using raw materials, in particularly, producing high-value products. Thermo-chemical conversion technology have been investigated for waste plastic recycling for many years, however, the whole process development is challenged by its low profit from selling the syngas or oil product. Producing carbon nanotubes, a high value product, from the thermo-chemical processing of waste plastics will add significant value in addition to the syngas/oil products. This report focuses on the development of Ni- and Fe- based catalysts for CNTs produced from waste plastics and the application of the prepared carbon nanotubes. For example, carbon nanotubes produced from waste plastics were recovered from the catalyst and added at 2 wt.% to LDPE plastic to form a composite material. The tensile and flexural strength and the tensile and flexural modulus of the CNT composite material were significantly improved by the addition of the recovered CNTs.





威尼斯官方网站Dr. Chunfei Wu is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. He obtained his PhD degree in Chemical and Energy Engineering at the University of Leeds in 2010. He was a Lecture at the University of Hull from 2014 to 2018. He has worked in the areas of converting renewable and waste resources to energy, fuel, and chemicals through catalytic thermo-chemical routes for more than 10 years. He is a PI of a EU RISE exchange programme (2019-2022, €846000) and has been involved in several EPSRC and EU projects (e.g. Co-I in EP/R000670/1 using microwave for bio-oil upgrading, EU H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014 (643322) for co-processing biomass and plastic wastes). He has published more than 110 peer reviewed journal papers with >3200 citations and an ‘H factor’ of 34 (Google Scholar) in the areas of catalytic thermo-chemical conversion of wastes, and he is a Charted Scientist and a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr Wu is a Subject Editor of Process Safety and Environmental Protection. 

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